Signs your office needs a refurbishment

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Most people spend around 8 hours a day working in an office. When priorities lean towards productivity and profit margins, business owners and managers often forget about the décor of the office. Signs of general wear and tear can often get overlooked during a busy working day. However, a poor working environment can do more damage to a business than you think. Here are a few signs to help you recognise that your space requires a refurbishment.

Dated Décor

This is the most obvious sign that an office needs a refurbishment, if the décor is dated it will fail to inspire your employees and fail to impress prospective clients. If you view your working environment through the eyes of a visitor, a tired and dated workplace will not create the impression of a fresh and forward-thinking business. Your office is the face of your organisation and therefore the quality of your space will reflect how your company is run. A high-quality establishment will inspire customer confidence and help to generate new business.

Shoddy safety

People spend most of their day in the office and therefore it will suffer general wear and tear. A shabby work environment not only looks unsightly, but it may also present a health and safety risk. A refurbishment will ensure that the working environment is completely safe and secure and will greatly reduce the risk of any workplace accidents. A refurbishment also offers the ideal opportunity to reflect your organisations commitment to green issues. You can work on increasing energy efficiency and carbon reducing schemes.


If you are giving your brand a new identity and lease of life it is important this is reflected in your working environment. Your office should undergo changes to ensure continuity. The office environment needs to have as much of a positive impact as your updated and dynamic corporate image.

Whinging workers

The workplace has a direct impact on the performance of your employees. People thrive in good working conditions. From better workstations to break-out areas, investing in the office environment will improve morale and have a positive impact on productivity. If employees are unhappy and uninspired, they will be less productive. A well-designed office will increase efficiency and productivity. A poorly planned workspace can have a negative impact on employees’ ability to perform. Uplifting lighting, superior facilities and flexible workspaces can all transform your disconsolate staff into a happy and productive team.

We’d love to start a project with you, whether that’s a complete office fit-out, a shop fit-out or any other refurbishment needs for your space.

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Signs your office needs a refurbishment