What employees really want from their office

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We’re living in a time of open plan offices and collaborative working spaces which include slides, pool tables and bars into their designs. But what do employees really want from their workplace? A new study from Workthere confirms that what people want from an office is primarily basic stuff such as comfort and privacy. In an article published by insight they broke this down into satisfaction gaps (the difference between the importance of this feature and the level of satisfaction).

The What Coworkers Want report asked 1,874 European office workers about 48 different office features in order to determine how satisfied they are with them and identify the areas offices should look to improve to provide an overall happier place to work and offer what people want from an office.

The five office features that employees value the most are:

  1. Air quality

Topping the list is good air quality. A massive 80 percent of coworkers deemed it was the most important factor in an office. However, just over half of respondents said they were happy with the level of air quality in their current workspace.

  1. Noise levels

Nearly eight in ten office workers claimed office noise, without a lot of talking or loud music playing, as an important aspect of an office. Therefore, a lot of workers prefer there to be a nice quiet office environment where they can concentrate.

  1. Temperature

Over three quarters of coworkers think that an acceptable office temperature is important to them. It is important that they have access to an AC so that they can control the temperature that works best for them and so it is easily changed with the seasons.

  1. Quiet rooms

Three quarters of workers believe that access to a quiet room is important to them at work, but only half  of these are satisfied with their current quiet room offering. If the office is open plan, it is important to give employees access to quiet rooms where they can go and work independently when they need to.

  1. Comfortable workspaces

A comfortable workspace can positively impact well being and productivity at work, and 82 percent of coworkers said a comfortable workspace was important to them in an office. However, only 61 percent of respondents agreed that they are satisfied with their current work area. A comfortable workspace can be created using supportive chairs and making sure that the office is modern and up to date with the latest health and safety regulations.

With the well being of employees being such an important aspect to a company, it is important make sure that they are comfortable and happy in their workplace. It is increasingly important for business to get the fundamentals of a good working working environment right.

What do you want from your own working environment?

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What employees really want from their office